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Thank you. Food was delicious as usual. Keep up the good work.

Dimitar, 26 Sep 2019

  Reply : many thanks appreciate it we glad you enjoyed we look forward to serve you again very soon

Didn't even realize there was a points system which is a bonus. Always loved the food here since I discovered this little gem! I'm a veggie (do eat fish) and love the range of healthy grilled options and salads I've tried so far. Tilapia was delicious and cooked perfectly. Also ordered rice and veg kebab, everything was flavoursome. I have always received good service, happy with portion sizes and receive great tasting, fresh food. Recommended to my family as it's so hard to find a decent takeaway that offer healthier choices and I rely on reviews myself. Please don't change because it's always a sad shame when some of the good takeaways do.

Amber, 25 Sep 2019

Very good food

Abdi, 23 Sep 2019

  Reply : many thanks look forward to serve you again very soon

Third time ordering, food is good. Only issue burger was a bit wet and soggy so maybe delver sauces on the side. Portion sizes are perfect.

Amber, 18 Sep 2019

  Reply : many thanks appreciate it for letting us know look forward to serve you again very soon

Very tasty food, quick delivery, snickers milkshake was on point!

Sam, 13 Sep 2019

Excellent food, very nice!

Perry, 26 Aug 2019

  Reply : many thanks appreciate it


Gemma, 20 Aug 2019

  Reply : many thanks really appreciate it

Very delicious food

Olivia, 19 Aug 2019

  Reply : many thanks for your kind word

Nice food

Abdi, 18 Aug 2019

  Reply : thank you appreciate it

Don't we do this on service we had after we've been served,

Michelle, 05 Aug 2019

  Reply : yes Michelle after many thanks

Love the food and owner is great

Ravinder, 03 Aug 2019

  Reply : many thanks appreciate it


Uziel, 27 Jul 2019

  Reply : we are very shocked and very sorry normally we are very good on very thick milkshakes.will have a chat

Great food

Dillon, 01 Jul 2019

really tasty! go the extra effort for regular customers :)

LH, 26 Jun 2019

  Reply : many thanks appreciate it

accidentaly clicked in redeem points and didnt let me undo it

Jason, 01 Jun 2019

  Reply : sorry mr Hall it is for you to have it money off. It did took off £6 of your bill . I am sure you will accumulate points very soon . I look forward to you have many more points and redeem more .

Amazing. Great service speed, amazing food, and they threw in some extras (including chocolate cake). Made us wish we weren't in London just for Heathrow airport. Great choice for a comfy takeaway the weekend before you get married, which, incidentally, is why we're at the airport in the first place.

Jennifer Partin, 01 Jun 2019

  Reply : wow congratulations wish you a wonderful wedding day and days after . good luck with every things. come back as happily married couple sit down and eat . dont forget we cater for waffle and sweets stall for wedding parties. congratulations again see you soon

Fantastically quick. Thank you again guys

Caine, 17 May 2019

  Reply : No problem anytime thank you

Good food, will definitely try again

Syed, 04 May 2019

  Reply : many thanks appreciate it

Can only describe the food here as superbly delicious. I have ordered from here way to many times now. Have never been disappointed.

Taz, 11 Apr 2019

  Reply : many thanks very kind of you to review us

My favourite place chips are better then any other restaurant

Jack, 07 Apr 2019

  Reply : Many thanks appreciate it

The portions are good size. First time I ordered manager was pleasure to deal. Delicious food with delicious salad options for the vegan!

Amber, 30 Mar 2019

  Reply : Many thanks appreciate it

The best service! They never fail to make me smile. Friendly, thoughtful staff who always give us complimentary items with our food. Definitely my favourite food place in this area!

Sayeda, 24 Mar 2019

  Reply : Many thanks appreciate it

you've just made my night. I appreciate the gestures made to correct prev error. Many thanks!

Lorna Hill, 20 Mar 2019

  Reply : Many thanks appreciate it

Absolutely excellent order lots of times very good value for money & speedy delivery

Samantha, 15 Feb 2019

  Reply : Many thanks appreciate it .

Always great


  Reply : Many thanks appreciate it and very pleased you enjoyed it look forward to serve you again very soon

Berry lovely food and milkshake


  Reply : Many thanks for your kind words means a lot